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Topsy Turvy Toesies

Here are some pretty fancy shoes for your next tea party…

These Alice in Wonderland Costume Shoes Use Alice Figurines as the Heels

Published: Mar 3, 2016 • Reposted from Trend Hunter  http://www.trendhunter.com/trends/costume-shoes

314997_1_800Paying tribute to the themes and aesthetic of the magical world of Wonderland are these costume shoes by Irregular Choice. The heels opt for a surrealist design and collage of various patterns, prints and fabrics to create a design that perfectly captures the topsy turvy nature of Wonderland and the characters that live there.

The heels are an amalgamation of a variety of Victorian styles and themes paired together in a haphazardly manner. Prints of ornate blue flowers are paired with metallic gold trim, blue velvet, bows and stills from the Disney film version. Elements of the film are also found in the embroidered flowers along the right side of the shoes that are based off of the singing flowers in the garden. The heels are also creatively made out of a figurine of Alice.

314997_2_800 314997_3_800

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The Building Blocks of a Good Breakfast

Good Morning…and good new year! Start your day off right with this Lego Cheerios-dispensing machine.

Who Wouldn’t Want a Lego Cheerios Machine to Make Your Breakfast?


Who Wouldn't Want a Lego Cheerios Machine to Make Your Breakfast?

Getting up in the mornings can sometimes feel like a daunting task—sometimes preparing yourself breakfast, even just a simple bowl of cereal, even more so. Wouldn’t all be better off if we could just build a machine out of Lego to do it all for us instead? Probably. I look forward to our Lego vending machine future.

You might recognize the familiarity of the Cheerios machine—it’s from Youtuber AstonishingStudios, who recently had us lusting for a similar bit of Lego tech that dispensed McDonalds Chicken Nuggets. The Cheerios machine, which you can see in action below, works in a similar way, powered by Lego’s “Mindstorm” electronics pieces.

The machine doesn’t just dispense you a nice bowl of milk and cereal—in around 30 seconds, which isn’t half bad—it uses the Mindstorm pieces to also sort currency, as the machine will only accept 2 Euro coins, and nothing else. On top of that, the build itself is very nice, from the Cheerios color scheme to the cutesy little cereal display, and even a little slot that stores your spoons.

Naturally you’ll have to take bits of it apart at some point to restock the milk and cereal, and the actual act of building one of your own will probably take ages to, but it’d be nice to have some automated cereal-based-bliss on those mornings when you’re too knackered to do things yourself.

[Youtube, h/t Marcel Bonnici]  LEGO® Bricks: Cheerios Cereal Maker



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October. One of the most memorable months of the year. Vibrant hues, crunchy leaves and the sensation of cool crisp breezes on your face…at least where this blogger lives.

October’s 31 days are notably jam-packed with memorable scents and flavors. Fresh baked fruit pies, apple cider, cinnamon donuts and Halloween candies. Yummity, yum, yum!

What better way to start off this delectable month than with a mashup that undoubtedly smells as good as it tastes. Cheers to thee October, and to all our wonderful mashers out there!


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Cake Walk

Remember the Cake Walk? It’s time to put your dancing shoes on! GirlsParty

The American English term “cakewalk” was used as early as 1863 to indicate something that is very easy or effortless, although this metaphor may refer to the carnival game of the same name in referring to the fact that the latter’s winners obtain their prize by doing no more than walking around in a circle.[48] Though the dance itself could be physically demanding, it was generally considered a fun, recreational pastime. The phrase “takes the cake” also comes from this practice[49][50] as could “piece of cake”.[48]

One version of the cakewalk is sometimes taught, performed included in competitions within the Scottish-inspired Highland dance community, especially in the southern United States. [51]

source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cakewalk


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Coaster To Coaster

Make these cool Scrabble tile coasters for your next party or get-together. Theme them with party-specific words, or use them for everyday. Everyone’s a winner with these coasters!

Reposted from –  http://www.recyclart.org/2012/02/scrabble-tile-coasters/

Scrabble coasters

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