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Horsey Heels

Whoa! Harness your extra My Little Pony toys and reign them into some shnazzy shoes.


And from, here’s some footwear with real giddy up.


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Extinctly Different Accessories

Nothing says back-to-school like an upcycled pair of dinosaur earrings.

If you keep stepping on these sharp plastic critters at home, why not try a little repurposing and upcyclesaurus these into some schnazzy jewelry?



Dinosaur earrings

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Pop Art Toys

WAIT! Don’t toss that can! 

After holiday parties are over and guests have gone home…try some of these unique and eco-responsible ways to use your tossed soda cans.

Upcycle This! 21 Things Made from Soda Cans

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We are back with our second installment of Upcycle This! Following the theme of Eco Monday for environmental awareness, our weekly feature is meant to focus on the growing trend of attempting to scale back our waste production by reusing – or upcycling – materials we already consume. In this installment of inspiring things upcycled from everyday objects, we decided to focus on great crafty projects created from discarded soda cans.

Upcycled-Soda-Can-PikachuSoda cans are everywhere in modern day society – half of Americans drink soda everyday – and what’s worse, we’re drinking an average of 2.6 glasses of soda per day. Not only is this obscene level of soda consumption bad for our health, but it’s hard on our environment as well!

Hopefully, you’re already diligent about properly recycling the soda cans you are drinking. But why not do something a little crafty with the material? We found 21 awesome projects, from sculptures to candles, that use parts of a soda can.

Check out the recycled soda can toy concepts, below!

Upcycle This! 21 Things Made from Soda Cans
 16. Soda Can Airplane (source: TwiceBakedArts)

Upcycle This! 21 Things Made from Soda Cans





17. Handmade Toy Cars (source: max_thinks_sees)


Upcycle This! 21 Things Made from Soda Cans

Upcycle This! 21 Things Made from Soda Cans



Upcycle This! 21 Things Made from Soda Cans
18-21 Batman, Pikachu, WALL-E and Yoshi Sculpture by Makaon.
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Halloween Mayhem

A Disturbance in the Force.

Here’s a little advice for folks who are planning to carve a jack-o-lantern this month. Light sabers are cool, but oh so unpredictable.


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Flip Flop Toys

Flip Flops to Fun

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In Kenya a recycling plant is taking flip flops which wash up on the shore, and making toys out of them.

This is a really innovative way of taking stuff which otherwise would go to the landfill (every year hundreds of pairs of flip flops wash up on the countries beaches) and upcycling them into something completely different, giving the plastic a whole new life!

flip flops to toys, upcycling, recycling

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