Nutty Toys

Toy inventor creates mind-blowing pop culture portraits using peanuts.

Reposted from Facebook/BuzzFeed:

Toy inventor Steve Casino sifts through hundreds of peanuts until he finds the perfect nut. Why, you ask? To create unique, one-of-a-kind designer toys. Toys…out of a peanut, you ask? Sure. Why not!

Steve has created nearly one hundred 4 inch tall characters so far. The most intricate designs can take up to 20 hours to create.

Steve’s grandfather grew peanuts so it became a natural, albeit nutty, application for his art.

See some of Steve’s amazing creations below…

Peanut painter peanutsPeanut painter fallon

Peanut painter 2 guys

Peanut painter kung fuPeanut painter einstein

Peanut painter collection


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