The Most Important Fun of the Day

Wakey, wakey…it’s eggs and bakey…and a whole lot more.

16 sweet gifts for the breakfast lover in your life

Reposted from Mashable November 27, 2015
By Lindsey Robertson

The holidays are an amazing time of year. Breakfast is an amazing time of the day. It just makes sense to put the two together — especially if there’s someone on your shopping list who simply cannot do without the most important meal of the day.

Here are some gifties for those people in your life who would happily eat waffles for every meal, and who love bacon and eggs more than Ron Swanson.

1. Some trousers for your hardboiled egg


Image: Kikkerland

Price: $6.00 from Kikkerland

2. An art print of a classy brunch


Image: Pink Olive

Price: $30 from Pink Olive

3. Some eggs ‘n bakey salt ‘n pepper shakeys


Image: Perpetual Kid

Price: $12 from Perpetual Kid

4. A breakfast-themed skincare routine


Price: $35 from Uncommon Goods

5. The most fantastical cereal bowl ever


Price: $38 from Uncommon Goods

6. BFF waffle jewelry


Prices vary, from ScrumptiousDoodle

7. A USB-powered warm toast pillow


Image: Modcloth

Price: $45 from ModCloth

8. A toaster from the dark side

1bd7_star_wars_toasterImage: ThinkGeek

Price: $50 from ThinkGeek


9. This bacon mug


Price: $10 from Sourpuss

10. Some maple bacon lollipops


Image: Mouth

Price: $9.75 for four lollipops, from Mouth

11. This sweet skillet ornament


Image: Modcloth

Price: $12 from ModCloth

12. Handmade jam in quirky flavors


Image: Poketo

Price: $15 from Pocketo

13. A sunny-side-up cup


Image: Modcloth

Price: $12 from ModCloth

14. Homemade popped tarts


Image: Mouth

Price: $4.50 each, from Mouth

15. A robot-inspired egg cup


Image: Modcloth

Price: $12 ModCloth

16. A candle that looks so much like pancakes they’ll want to eat it


Price: $11 from Etsy

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