A Minion and One Reasons To Stay Off The Roads in Ireland

Giant Minion Causes Despicable Traffic Incident In Ireland

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And so it begins. Yesterday, a giant, inflatable Minion went tumbling into the roads of Dublin, wreaking havoc and causing a road traffic accident.CLfpBnzUEAAMXKc

Far from an elaborate, evil ploy, it seems the 33-foot high inflatable became detached from its moorings due to the windy weather.

The Minion clipped a car, knocking off a rear view mirror, but no one was injured.

Luckily the police arrived in time to stop any further mischief.


Erin Van Londen

It looks like world domination will have to wait… for now.


Erin Van Londen

Dublin City Councillor Paul McAuliffe called the breach of health and safety regulations… despicable.

“I don’t want to sound like a killjoy, but if that had landed on a cyclist, for instance, it could have been serious,” he told the Irish Times.

“If you take the Minion part of it out, if this was a large inflatable weather balloon that had not been properly tethered, there would be no humour in this story at all.

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