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If you’re a fan of physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking – and if you like LEGO – you are going to love this! Several years ago, a LEGO version of Stephen Hawking was spotted online. It was a fantastic build that looked incredibly lifelike.stephen-hawking-lego-kit

The original creator of this build from back in 2007  is The Living Brick, but the pictures below came from Travelin’ Librarian‘s flicker photostream. Stephen Hawking, who is now 73, has inspired an entire generation of geeks, and it seems many people want to recreate him in LEGO bricks.

The Stephen Hawking LEGO kit came with instructions (see the picture below) so you would know how to put all those tiny pieces together. It sold for $40. It is now unavailable – only 100 were produced, but you can always try to make this on your own if you’ve got the bricks. The step-by-step directions (to make Stephen Hawking and his wheelchair) are illustrated in a beautiful graphic here Eurobricks.

We often feature huge LEGO kits and builds with thousands of pieces, but it’s small yet instantly recognizable builds like this that are the most inspiring ones to me. It would be so much fun to build Stephen Hawking and then let him sit on my desk. It would be a constant reminder that the universe may not always be what it seems, and anything is truly possible in this complex world we live in. I still can’t get over how much this looks just like him, or at least like our perception of him.

Build it with instructions here on Eurobricks















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