Apple’s Toy Acquisitions – Announced

April 1, 2014

Bananagrams, the makers of a Scrabble-like tile game and Strawberry Shortcake a Hasbro IP consisting of girls’ fantasy characters, dolls, playsets, games, videos, TV and lifestyles have been acquired, we’re hearing. Although we’re working to get more information on this now, including deal terms, our understanding is that techno behemoth Apple intends to acquire the game guru and heavy hitter girls IP.bananagrams

A few of our sources indicate that Apple has been in the offing since the get-go, and it makes sense as several upheavals have been going on with the Bananagrams and Strawberry Shortcake brands in the past several months.

On Friday, Hasbro announced it would be selling the Strawberry Shortcake brand as of April 1st, for an undisclosed amount. While the brand has generated millions for Hasbro,  a spokesperson stated that “Apple and Strawberry Shortcake are the right pearing for this brand.  Strawberry shortcakeWe’re excited to see what Apple does with this IP.”  According to unconfirmed sources, Bananagrams made a similar statement saying that the “acquisition would be quite apeeling to investors.”

Stay tuned as this fruit salad of a merger unfolds.

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