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With the jobless rate in the U.S. hanging around 6.7%, job seekers are finding creative ways to make their resumes stand out and gain the attention of potential employers.  One such candidate turned to the toy aisle to create a truly unique mashup – a resume using Legos.

While we don’t know if she got the job or not, you can bet she had a fun and memorable interview.

Reposted from Mashable, By Brian Koerber, 3/27/14

In the job hunt, you need to build a strong résumé.

Leah Bowman used Lego to construct the ultimate first impression on her search. Lego played a large part in Bowman’s childhood in Denmark, so she was inspired to use the Lego Digital Designer to create a brick version of herself.

When a potential employer asked Bowman for a persuasive advertisement, she used her graphic design skills and love of Lego to advertise herself for the position. The brick version includes assembly instructions that highlight Bowman’s skills, creativity and initiatives.

“Looking for a job can be a bit frustrating at times,” Bowman tells Mashable. “I’ve applied for dozens of jobs and had a handful of interviews, but sometimes there’s just another candidate that edged you out. I know I’d be a great addition to any team, but I needed a better way to communicate that rather than just sending in a boring resume.”

It seems like Bowman’s skills really stack up.

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