2013 A Play-Doh Year in Review

2013 Looks Much, Much Cooler in Play-Doh

By Neha Prakash  (reposted from Mashable)

Play-Doh just put all your year-end listicles to shame.  The toy company recreated some of 2013’s biggest moments in colorful clay, which really make the entire year seem more whimsical.

The company debuted the images on its social media accounts last week and covered viral trends like Ylvis’ “What Does the Fox Say” to Oscar moments to a delicious food craze. Relive the year, below, with their finest doughy creations. (Captions by Play-Doh.)?size=l

  • Congrats on the big series win, Boston! Keep growing those Play-Doh beards!

  • This record-setting swimmer is taking a new shape in our Play-Doh ocean! We’re honored to sculpt her enormous achievement.

  • Everyone can own a piece of the blue bird now that this influential social media company has gone public!

  • What does the Play-Doh fox say?

  • The blobfish was named the world’s ugliest animal this year. We couldn’t have guessed with a name like that 😉

  • Cronuts had mouths watering and our hands busy sculpting! Because, why wait in line when you can sculpt a foodie phenomenon?

  • We were thrilled to welcome Baby George to the royal family in 2013!

  • This iconic 90’s boy band took the Play-Doh stage for it’s big 2013 reunion! What song does this remind you of?

  • Modeling the finest of pale pink Play-Doh dresses, this quirky star took home the award for Best Actress in February!

  • It’s a Play-Doh blackout at the big game! We hope everything stays plugged in next year 😉


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