Not exactly a toy mashup, but definitely playful.  Take an old computer monitor and turn it into a cat’s bed.  Interesting!  I just wonder if the ‘mouse’ has any chance of surviving.

Make a Cat Bed from a Computer Monitor

by AlpineButterfly





OK, you’ve seen them everywhere, those old TV’s and Monitors everyone’s kicking to the curb replacing with those new fan dangle flat screens.  And few of us could  fault  them… the flat screens take up so little room, and have all kinds of resolution… ohhh ahhh.
But what to do with the old monitors!?!   Trash ’em? na… bad idea, they have all kinds of lead, and stuff in them you really don’t want in your ground water.  Recycle ’em?  Hard to do sometimes, and may even cost you a couple of bucks… but certainly worth it !!
My cat and I like to reuse ’em… and recycle them! I also make these from time to time for other people.. you can purchase  one at my Etsy  store: listing.php?listing_id=44569557.

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