Toy Mashterpieces

Melted Toy Figurine Canvases


Art Collective Three Studio Creates Masterpieces Through Destruction Published: Jun 12, 2012.  References: collabcubed and designyoutrust I’m torn between my love of toys and art when looking at images of these canvas-like sculptures made by Tokyo-based art collective Three Studio. On one hand, the finished result, which is a visually stunning rectangular slab filled with eclectic colors, characters and parts, is undeniably spectacular. However, in order to make this masterpiece, Three Studio actually melts a variety of manga and anime figurines until they’re the consistency of goop, then they let it solidify before carving it into gallery-ready shapes. Upon close examination, it’s as though you’re staring at a collection of body parts originally belonging to beloved cartoon characters. That’s not to say what Three Studio has done is bad. Quite the contrary, these inventive works that utilize toys in an abstract manner actually result in some of the move eye-stimulating creations you’ll probably see in your lifetime.

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