Hello “Cool Can” Kitty

    • Cool Hello Kitty Necklaces Made from Aluminum Cans

      September 10th, 2009 . By in Fashion & Style .
      All these Hello Kitty necklaces have been made from recycled Aluminum cans and are pretty damn amazing. The pendant is not only pretty but there is a lot of attention to detail.

      hello kitty necklaces red bull

      hello kitty necklace coca cola soda can

      hello kitty necklace pepsi cola soda can

      Frankly, it has absolutely everything going for it. It’s cute, it’s recycled and therefore helps the environment, it has various soda cans’ logos on each and best of all, it has Hello Kitty. It’s simply the complete package.

      hello kitty necklace mountain dew soda can

      hello kitty necklace dr pepper soda can

      hello kitty necklace squirt soda can

      It seems that Hello Kitty is everywhere nowadays, such as with the Hello Kitty cameras, Hello Kitty lunchboxes and just way too many products to even list. So it is no surprise that someone thought of the wearable Hello Kitty ideas. Of course, these designs seen at Gadgetoro are so much more than just simple pendants; they are a fashion statement, although I’m not sure if too many people over the age of 20 would wear it (I would, but I don’t think that counts).

      hello kitty necklace diet coke soda can

      hello kitty necklace diet pepsi cola soda can

      hello kitty necklace grape crush soda can

      hello kitty necklace mountain dew voltage soda can

      Any of these are pretty cheap for purchase, being mentioned for only $5 each one, and you can of course pick your favorite beverage drink to go with your style. Your other option is of course, to drink a whole lot of sodas, get a pair of scissors, a pair of pliers (and all sorts of other tools) and attempt to make one yourself. You could end up with a lot of nicks and cuts, and will probably end up making a mess of your first 20 attempts (assuming you are that patient) unless you are really adept at making stuff, but you’ll have a kind of satisfaction when you put down your tools and you order the necklace online don’t you think?

      hello kitty necklace novocane soda can

      hello kitty necklace orange crush soda can

      hello kitty necklace strawberry welch soda can

      hello kitty necklace sunkist soda can

      Via: Gadgetoro

    • Note:  When we checked into this website, we discovered it no longer existed.  Write us and let us know if you were able to find these fun necklaces for purchase anywhere!


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