It’s going to be a boo-tiful October boys and ghouls.  You’ve come to the right place for hauntingly fun toy and game mashups. We invite you to post a toy or game mashup…if you dare. Choose our ”Submit a Mashup!” link on the menu bar, or send us your mashup and we’ll post it for you. Don’t be scared. It’s fun!

Mashing pumpkins…and toys.

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Wanna see Barbie in her creepiest Halloween costume ever?  Click on the link…but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Barbie eyezdPosted from

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Give me a hand!

Here’s a creepy accessory for your Halloween costume…or, for everyday.

Wonder where the rest of the doll parts are…hmmm.


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American Ghoul

Here are some dolls with a ghoulish history – American Ghoul. Bet mommy won’t be buying you any clothes so you can dress up like your favorite ghoul.


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Doggie Boo!

Not sure how you’re going to dress up your pets for Halloween? How about a little Doggie Boo?

And don’t forget to play the original game Doggie Doo, created by Lund and Company.


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Franken Mindstein

So you think you know everything?  Here’s a spooky Toy Mashup game – Franken Mindstein; based on Peggy Brown’s original game for Marbles, Mindstein.


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Halloween Mayhem

A Disturbance in the Force.

Here’s a little advice for folks who are planning to carve a jack-o-lantern this month. Light sabers are cool, but oh so unpredictable.


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How about a little re-enactment of The Shining – Legos style?


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A spooky little somethin’ to keep you on track this month – Count Trackula.  Hey, even a vampire needs to play every now and then.


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The Phantom of the Opera-tion

Ok, classic spooky mashup #2: The Phantom of the Opera-tion.

Dig around inside the Phantom’s guts, – but don’t be surprised when you hit a nerve and loud organ music plays. These doctors are gonna need finely tuned instruments to save this guy.


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Ghoul Talk

Throughout the month of October, we’ll be posting some fun retro, spooky-themed mashups. Feel free to post some of your own too.

Here’s a popular game for the little ghouls in your life…Ghoul Talk.


Ghoul Talk

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Flip Flop Toys

Flip Flops to Fun

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In Kenya a recycling plant is taking flip flops which wash up on the shore, and making toys out of them.

This is a really innovative way of taking stuff which otherwise would go to the landfill (every year hundreds of pairs of flip flops wash up on the countries beaches) and upcycling them into something completely different, giving the plastic a whole new life!

flip flops to toys, upcycling, recycling

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Toy Soldiers

Upcycled Action Figures Made by a Soldier in Afghanistan

January 11, 2014 in Creativity

This wonderful collection of junk action figures was put together by Private First Class Rupert Valero, who is stationed at a forward operating base in Kandahar, Afghanistan. A former oil rig engineer, Valero has been collecting and customizing action figures for years, but ever since he was sent to Afghanistan, he had to create his own action figures from recycled materials like bottle caps, soda cans and fabric. The artist/soldier says he has the mind of an engineer and never stops thinking about building things, whether they be robots, buildings, or anything else for that matter. It’s just his way of staying sane in a dangerous place like Afghanistan. Because toys are universal, people react to them the same whether they are in the middle of the desert or in America, and Private Valero says they have allowed him to interact with the locals. By giving a child one of his upcycled action figures he puts a smile on his face and maybe takes his mind off doing something that he shouldn’t do.

You can buy Rupert’s upcycled action figures at reasonable prices, on his Etsy shop, and you can find an extended interview with him, here.

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