Spring has sprung!

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Hoppy Holidays!


www.candyblog.net, image by Marie Tess

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Playful Seating

One Artist Imagines A Sci-Fi Salon, Beautifully Warped Chairs And All

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Imagine you’re attending a Gertrude Stein-style salon. And you’ve arrived at the gathering only to find yourself facing a set of chairs, beckoning you to sit, as one is wont to do at a salon. But as you grow closer to the inner sanctum, you begin to notice the strangeness of the chairs, draped in fabric that looms bigger and brighter with every step you take. You start to see the pustules, tendrils and spikes that, from a distance, might appear like part of a pattern, but are in fact three-dimensional features that prevent any human being from planting her body.

No, this is not a Dalian nightmare. Your very fictional, intellectual host has adorned her home with the work of Margarita Sampson. Those chairs are art. Please don’t sit on the art.

The above work is part of Sampson’s series “Infectious Desires,” on view now at Stanley Street Gallery in Sydney, Australia. The imaginary salon idea is hers, only in her universe, the textile growths are more violent, warping and mutating and giving birth to colonies that turn love seats into war zones. The outgrowths mimic the exchange of ideas, competing and compromising in ever changing combinations.

“Natural patterns are warped, the man-made crumbles under an invasive eco-system in flux,” she writes in a statement. “Built structures are warped, broken, reconfigured, re-imagined… the invented dichotomies are brought into collision – the chaotic, organic, changeable, exterior ‘other’ comes to bear upon the ordered, the known, the interior, the safe.”

Sampson admits the pieces are sensual too. The chairs are chaotic and messy in a way that bleeds into decadence and luxury like punk couture. “Glamour is the strict control of the body or the environment,” the artist adds, “sublimated to an ideal — there’s no body fluids or stains in glamour. It’s about boundaries, zones of comfort. We feel we are betrayed by our bodies — a lot of this work is about my own aging, my body, about death and disease, about fear and surrender, tightening and release.”

While Yayoi Kusama’s 1984 “Pollen” piece, a polka-dotted chair littered with protuberances, caught the attention of passersby at this year’s Armory Show, Sampson takes the tension between the natural world and humanity to new heights. Installations mime dying ecosystems and works of interior design give way to artsy infection. As she noted in a press release for Stanley Street Gallery, “there is no safe place.”

Margarita Sampson’s “Infectious Desires” was previously on view at Stanley Street Gallery.


  • Margarita Sampson, Anemone Incursions, Bev & Eli, 2014
  • Margarita Sampson, Anemone Incursions, Kiss Kiss, Florence 2013
  • Margarita Sampson, Anemone Incursions, Klaus, 2012
  • Margarita Sampson, Anemone Incursions, Klaus, Web
  • Margarita Sampson, Anemone Incursions, Whatever happened to Baby Jane, 2013, 90x105cm
  • Margarita Sampson, Anemonie Incursions, Bev & Eli, 112x79cm
  • Margarita Sampson, Marlon, 2015, 109x85x80cm, Back
  • Margarita Sampson, Marlon, 2015, 109x85x80cm
  • Margarita Sampson
  • Margarita Sampson, ZsaZsa, 2013
  • Margarita Sampson, ZsaZsa, 2013


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Cowabunga Chewies!

Yum! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles….delish!


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No Separation of Church and…uh,….Play!

Martin Luther becomes Playmobil’s fastest ever selling product

Billy Langsworthy

By Billy Langsworthy

Reposted from: http://www.toynews-online.biz
February 24th 2015 at 11:34AM
UPDATED February 24th 2015 at 11:52AM

Martin Luther becomes Playmobil's fastest ever selling product

34,000 Martin Luthers sold out in three days.

Playmobil has revealed that its Martin Luther figure is the fastest-selling product to date.

34,000 Martin Luthers sold out in around three days and new orders won’t be sent out until April.

Martin Luther challenged the Catholic Church and helped start the Protestant Reformation back in 1517.

BBC reports that Nuremberg has started its preparations to mark 500 years since the Reformation in 2017, and  the Martin Luther figure is being sold as part of the celebrations, hence its boom in popularity.

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‘Anatomy Of A Recipe’ Is The Stunning Game For Foodies And Art Lovers Alike

Reposted from The Huffington Post / By Priscilla Frank / Posted:

Food is a multifaceted, sensual experience that extends far beyond the taste buds. A beautifully prepared meal is easy on the eyes, a treat for the nostrils, oftentimes soothing to the chef’s touch, and a ripe subject for bonding and togetherness. Netherlands-based designer Leonie Anholts explored the many ways food brings us together, literally and symbolically, with a delicious game titled “Anatomy of a Recipe.”



slide_398718_4912766_freeslide_398718_4912768_freeThink of the game as a revamped version of classic dominoes, with each tile containing within it a food ingredient locked in resin. However, the gorgeous game pieces feel more like exotic specimens to be shown in a museum display than your average spotted domino tiles. Every tile corresponds with a particular recipe, all of which are included in a cookbook with the game. The first player to use all of her tiles is the winner, and her final played piece is the chosen recipe. Anholts’ creative vision combines the communal nature of food with its many aesthetically pleasing qualities, transforming the stress of dinner time into an opportunity for beauty.

Is it dinner time yet?

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Michael Keaton is a shoo-in to receive an Oscar for his role as Birdman. Just wonder if he could also snag an Oscar for BatMini? Hmmm….



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Lego My Academy Award!

When the Academy Awards denied The Lego Movie a Best Animated Picture nomination, below, is the awesome way its co-director responded. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all responded to rejection like this…with humor, creativity and a great toy mashup like this?

Reposted from Mashable 1/15/15:
“Everything is not awesome in Oscars-land.
The Academy Awards snubbed The Lego Movie Thursday morning, denying the brick flick a nomination for Best Animated Picture. Lego Movie co-director Phil Lord responded to the snub on Twitter with perfect, plastic grace.”

Lego Oscar

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Equestrian Everything

Don’t just take things at face value…equestrian everything. Man, do I have a lot of equestrians about this.  What’s your take on it? Freakish or Fun?

Reposted from: http://geekpaperscissors.com/2012/03/freaky-fun-toy-mashups/


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LEGO My Chocolate

Edible And Functional Chocolate LEGO Bricks By Akihiro Mizuuchi

Reposted from www.boredpanda.com

Usually, LEGOs are simply a choking hazard as far as eating them is concerned. But Japanese artist and designer Akihiro Mizuuchi has solved that problem by making everybody’s childhood dreams come true – he has created edible chocolate LEGOs.

The bricks, which are made of white, milk, dark and pink chocolate, are totally functional. In fact, the artist has even built a series of chocolate LEGO robots using these bricks.

These seem pretty cool, but I expect that there might be one critical design flaw – no structure larger than a handful of bricks will survive the sweet and delicious construction process.









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Merry Sithmas

Merry Sithmas: Lego Star Wars Christmas Mash-Ups

 Reposted from Design.org, http://design.org/blog/merry-sithmas-lego-star-wars-christmas-mashups

And for your end-of-holiday enjoyment, a little Lego Star Wars Christmas Album.

Design, starwars, lego
Design, starwars, lego
Design, starwars, lego

Above scenes by Chris McVeigh

Design, starwars, lego
Design, starwars, lego
Design, starwars, lego
Above scenes by Larry Lars

Design, starwars, lego
Santa Yoda by From Bricks To Bothans

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The Art of Sitting

Reposted from http://www.iamfatterthanyou.com/2014/06/the-canvas-chair/

What appears to be a still-life painting of an armchair is actually a tromp l’oeile artwork on which you can sit. Created by Japanese design studio YOY—composed of Naoki Ono, a spatial designer, and Yuki Yamamoto, a product designer—this off-the-wall optical feat is achieved by printing an image of a Victorian-style armchair onto elasticized fabric that is then stretched onto a frame designed to lean against a wall. Removable cover is machine washable.
Available now HERE.    http://www.momastore.org/museum/moma/ProductDisplay_The%20Canvas%20Chair_10451_10001_185051_-1_26707_26707_185085


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Animal Soup…bowl

How To Make An Upcycled Plastic Animal Toy Bowl

Reposted from: http://www.homejelly.com/how-to-make-upcycled-plastic-animal-toy-bowl/
By Skaie Knox

Side view of toy bowl-tiger

Side view of animal toy bowl-tiger.

When it comes to kid knickknacks, there will most likely come a day when they end up in some under-the-bed shoebox or bin, cast aside like Rudolph’s “misfit toys”. No biggie…many of us have done the same thing with our stuff as youngsters. Good news is, by keeping my ear to the creative crafting tracks, I’ve devised a fun and functional way to upcycle these tiny trinkets. With the help of our friends from HomeRight, I armed myself with their Heat Pro Plus heat gun to turn about 60 or so discarded plastic animal figures into a fabulously whimsical and decorative bowl.

Upcycle unused toys

Upcycle unused toys.

Upcycled Plastic Toy Bowl…here’s what you’ll need:

Toy bowl supplies

Toy bowl supplies.

• 60+ plastic figures (animals, dinosaurs, insects, army men, etc.)

• metal bowl – to shape your bowl

• heat gun – I used HomeRight Heat Pro Plus

• heat tolerant bowl or plate – to set your heat gun on during project

• gloves and eye protectors

Here’s what you do…Step #1: Place plastic pieces into bowl. Start at the bottom, then mindfully start piecing the toys together like a puzzle. The closer they are placed, the better they will hold once melded together.

Begin by mindfully placing and puzzling together your plastic toy pieces

Begin by mindfully placing and puzzling together your plastic toy pieces.

Step #2: Slowly begin heating up the toys on low. Start with the low setting on your heat gun and begin gently warming the figures. I actually tested the heat gun on some plastic trees that were mixed in with the animals that became the base of my bowl (which was so fun, by the way!). It’s a good idea to start with some pieces you least like to get a feel for how fast they’ll melt.

Gently heat the toys on low

Gently heat the toys on low.

Step #3: Carefully and mindfully melt the pieces together on high. Be careful! Melt the pieces just enough for them to adhere to each other and keep rotating the bowl as you go. If you melt them too much, you’ll lose their detail and charm. If you find that you want to add more animals…go nuts! Just repeat steps 1 -3. Safety note: The Heat Pro Plus can get as hot as 1000°F on high, so be sure to wear your gloves and eye protection. Additionally, make sure to read the safety instructions of your heat gun before use.

Carefully and mindfully melt toys together with your heat gun on high

Carefully and mindfully melt toys together with your heat gun on high.

Step #4: After melding pieces together, place in the freezer. Once you’re happy with the shape of your bowl, you need to cool and set it. Place a hot pad in your freezer, then set your bowl on top of it and leave it for about 15-20 minutes.  Note: Before putting your bowl in the freezer, you can press the pieces together to make sure they have bonded. Do this with your gloves on, as the plastic will be hot and possibly a bit sticky.

After melding all the pieces together, place bowl in freezer to cool and set

After melding all the pieces together, place bowl in freezer to cool and set.

Step #5: Remove from freezer and turn bowl upside-down to remove. Be very gentle when removing your new plastic toy bowl so not to break it. Check to see if it is well-bonded and enjoy! Note: I had a few pieces come loose, so I simply returned the plastic bowl back into the metal one, turned on my heat gun and melted them back together. Voilà

Finished toy bowl

Finished toy bowl!

Great for a kid's room.

Great for a kid’s room…

Toy animal bowl...a great way to add a little humor to your bookcase

…but, because of its fragility, it might be better as a great way to add a little humor to your bookcase!

Finished bowl side view

Finished bowl side view.

Tipped side view of toy bowl

Tipped side view of toy bowl.

Fun and functional toy animal bowl

Fun and functional toy animal bowl.

Toy bowl center close-up

Buy this ONE of a KIND toy bowl from our HomeJelly Sweet Shop!

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