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Toy Soldiers

Upcycled Action Figures Made by a Soldier in Afghanistan

January 11, 2014 in Creativity

This wonderful collection of junk action figures was put together by Private First Class Rupert Valero, who is stationed at a forward operating base in Kandahar, Afghanistan. A former oil rig engineer, Valero has been collecting and customizing action figures for years, but ever since he was sent to Afghanistan, he had to create his own action figures from recycled materials like bottle caps, soda cans and fabric. The artist/soldier says he has the mind of an engineer and never stops thinking about building things, whether they be robots, buildings, or anything else for that matter. It’s just his way of staying sane in a dangerous place like Afghanistan. Because toys are universal, people react to them the same whether they are in the middle of the desert or in America, and Private Valero says they have allowed him to interact with the locals. By giving a child one of his upcycled action figures he puts a smile on his face and maybe takes his mind off doing something that he shouldn’t do.

You can buy Rupert’s upcycled action figures at reasonable prices, on his Etsy shop, and you can find an extended interview with him, here.

Reposted from:   http://prafulla.net/graphics/creativity/upcycled-action-figures-made-by-a-soldier-in-afghanistan/


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Plush Lounge

Take a seat on this swanky plush lounge. Reposted from Recyclart’s saturday-morning-cartoons, December 25, 2011.

Idea sent by Don Kennell.

This sculpture is one of my entries into Santa Fe’s Recycled Art Show, at El Museo Cultural this weekend. The lovely and comfortable sofa is made from up-cycled stuffed toys. There is avast untapped resource of stuffed animals out there and I want to use these to make furniture, housewares, and clothing.

Saturday Morning Cartoons in art  with upcycled furniture Sculpture Recycled Art Recycled

Saturday Morning Cartoons in art  with upcycled furniture Sculpture Recycled Art Recycled

More information at Don Kennell ETSY shop !


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Succulosauras Rex

The “Succulosauras”

Reposted from April 10, 2013: www.makingitsweet.com


I had to keep my oldest busy over Spring Break. She found joy in putting her hands in dirt and digging in the garden – what kid wouldn’t? You can see from my previous post that we made terrariums. Since all the garden supplies were out we continued the planting theme using one of her old toys.


My daughter got this horrid looking T-rex at a party when she was 4. It stuck around the house for FOUR. WHOLE. YEARS.  We’d find it among her “Pet Shop” toys or tangled in some ribbon or doll’s hair (which she never plays with).  I usually would use toys like this as a gift topper instead of a bow. I didn’t know who to “gift” it to—she hasn’t gone to any not-so-girly parties lately. I couldn’t bear to put it in the landfill. I had hoped to sneak it into a geocache along with her other little toys, but it’s too big to fit in some of the geocaches around here.

I’ve seen toys like this turn into toothbrush holders since they’re hollow on the inside. So I thought, why not make it into planter?

The dinosaur went under the knife…


“I’mma cut you..”

I marked the hole with a pen and carefully sawed off the marked lines.


Then she painted the dino with some hot pink craft paint. We just used what we had but you can spray paint it for a more even finish. Tip: Start at the bottom, let it dry then do the top so that it can finish drying while standing up.

Tickle, tickle...

Tickle, tickle…

Once dried, we layered it like we did the terrariums: small gravel, a layer of activated charcoal, and lastly, potting soil. Then came the plant…She sacrificed her “favorite succulent” for this project.


We wrapped the roots in moss and shoved it into the dinosaur so that it stays put. We added a little water and it was done.


It sure makes a stunning centerpiece in the middle of our dining room table. It’s a fun and quirky thing to have in the house. It makes me want to raid the kids’ closet and see what else I can plant things in.

A doll head maybe… or would that be too creepy?

Have you upcycled any of your kids’ toys?

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Retro Cakes

How about some yummy retro game cakes to sweeten your week? Delish!

retro cakes

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Sushi Track

The most unusual toys come from Japan. For the child who has everything…a sushi track play set. From KIDCRAVE.

At Home Conveyor Sushi

By Brooke Dowd Sacco, Kidcrave.com

Conveyor belt sushi is so exciting, it will probably inspire kids to try a roll or two. This is Home Conveyor Sushi, a toy that will be out this spring in Japan. It’s basically a plastic train set that has couches with plates on them. This allows you to have your own rotating sushi restaurant in the comfort of your home.


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Lemme Out! Flooring

A floor made out of thousands of people and glass. An incredible floor-installation by Korean Artist, Do Ho Suh.

Talk about walkin’ all over your friends, …people!

Floor-Installation-by-Korean-Artist-Do-Ho-Suh-2 Floor-Installation-by-Korean-Artist-Do-Ho-Suh-3 Floor-Installation-by-Korean-Artist-Do-Ho-Suh-1

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Whaaaat?  Yes, now you can hang your heads, and coats, purses, jewelry, and backpacks too. Get those old toys out and cut their heads off. Then turn them into a coat, belt or jewelry rack. It’s cathartic and utilitarian.Created by Gynix Gao.

Animal Head Coat Rack by Gynix Gao


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Bear Branches

Here’s one way to dispose of your old plush – create a tree full of bear branches.

4689art1The tree’s owner was probably inspired by this pair of tree huggers…


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1001 Dalmations?

Yowza! A giant pooch made from lots and lots of wind-up doggies. Looks like this is the kind of dog that takes YOU for a walk!

This toy sculpture begs the question, “How many wind-up dogs does it take to make an 8 foot puppy sculpture?” Glad you asked! According to Kidcrave, it’s 660!

Beware of Dogsss and be careful upon entering the room; all of the tiny dog heads start turning and yapping for the viewers attention.

I wouldn’t want to clean up after this pooch. Sure hope he’s house-trained.

Reposted from kidcrave.com/toys/kids-toys-turned-art/

TM artwork made out of toys

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Nintendo Game Boy and Tetris Transformer mashup posted on MocPages -  http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/313534

A sweet amalgamation of a Nintendo Game Boy system and Tetris game that transforms into a robot, a bird, and back again. Brilliant!

1331497196m_SPLASH1331497192m_DISPLAY1331497247m_SPLASH 1331497239m_SPLASH 1331497231m_SPLASH

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Hold the Onions and Pass the SKETchup

Urban Pop artist Sket One has created a variety of condiments for summertime barbecuing fun,…and beyond. Check out Sket One’s awesome work at his website and online store – http://www.sket-one.com/gallery, http://sketone.storenvy.com/.

We know you’ll be saying, “Hold the onions and pass the SKETchup.”

Toymashup CondimentsImages used by permission from the artist.

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These shoes weren’t made for walking…but they’re sure to grab some attention.


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